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The Miracle Meal: The History Of The Communion Cup

Communion is at the very core of our Christian faith, but what about communion cups? How did these little cups come to be? We take a look at how communion has evolved over the years, and how we arrived at the individual communion cup.

Back in the day every church used a single chalice for what would represent the blood of Christ. There are still some who make use of these practices today, however after COVID-19 that may not remain true for much longer. Churches actually started introducing individual communion cups in the 1890’s when people were concerned about the sanitation of sharing one cup. Based on the current times that we live in, we get why churches would want to change.

Since the 1890’s, individual shot glasses became the trend. They would be served to congregants with a wafer, cracker or piece of bread. Along with the preparation a service would require, the cleaning up process followed. Have you ever tried to wash 300 individual shot glasses? Or even 3000? This was standard practice for many years. Until…

The pre-packaged communion cup. From the perfect amount of juice and the simplest wafer, to disposable cups that no longer needed to be washed. Life has made the act of communion so incredibly simple, just like the gospel. He loves you and He will love you forevermore, not because of anything you did or will do, but because He already did. He died for us so that we could have life, and life in abundance. And a pre-filled communion cup just adds to that abundant life!

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