Pre Packaged Communion - Covid-19 Canada

The Miracle Meal: Our Response To Covid-19 In Canada

As more of Canada starts to open up following the effects of Covid-19, we can finally start to return to in-person church services. But, the risk of Covid-19 still exists. And the need for sanitization remains a high priority for everyone. Thankfully, our pre-filled communion cups means that we can experience church in a safe environment. Our communion cups have been specially packaged with sanitization at the forefront of our production. Your safety is important to us. And you can feel comfortable knowing that your intimate communion moment with Christ is a safe one. While some churches experienced communion with a single chalice of wine served to everyone to share, the risk factor no longer makes this an option across the globe. At The Miracle Meal, you can still take part in the same communion experience with your own individual cup. Each cup includes its own wafer as well as red grape juice. Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from embracing in-person church services in Canada again. To find out more about our pre-filled communion cups, contact us today. You can find us locally in Toronto, CA. We also supply The Miracle Meal pre-filled communion cups throughout CanadaLondon, the United States and South Africa. We look forward to partnering with you as we spread the love of Christ with our communion cups across the globe.
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